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CB400 Hawk?

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Hi All

New here. I found a 1979 Honda CB400 Hawk for sale. I'm just wondering if this would make a good Cafe project? Bike is solid low miles and the price is right. The pictures look as if it could totally be a good project but looking for opinions. Any Pros and Cons to this model would be great.

Thanks for any help.
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geeto67 writes:
quote:It could be a baby Supersport - there was a cb400 that honda made that was just like their 79-82 cb750/900/1100 supersport - same paint colors and everything. Very rare in the states but kinda common in canada. Stock colors would be silver with blue stripes. More than once have I bought bodywork thinking it was DOHC cb750F stuff only to get it home and find it was just a wee too small.
I think this is the baby CBF Sport you are talking about....the one in this picture looks worn out...but this is the idea...

This are cool, I would love to find one to fix up!

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
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Had one briefly. Kinda heavy in stock form but the handling was good and once stripped out it was pretty lively. I didn't have any money to do much with it at the time but it could be a fun ride..

Lead, follow or get out of the way!
Yes, I agree, these 400 twin bikes can become swift and already light cafe racers.
Here is a pix I found of a Brazilian "mini supersport" CB400T

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
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