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CB450 Sprockets and chain

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so i have 74 CB450 that needs some work.
it needs some sprockets and a chain.
do you guys have any advice about what i want to use for sprockets? how many teeth? and where i might get them?
i'm not planning on racing anything except back and forth to work down storrow drive.
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The aluminum holds up well on race bikes if you pay attention to maintainence. I've never used them on the street but have heard of people that do with no problems. Once again you have to pay attention to maintainence. The alloy sprockets do well with O-ring chains because you can keep the outside of an o-ring chain relatively dry, which reduces the grit they collect, the grit is what kills allow sprockets. Course O-rings aren't a good idea for racing so we just have to keep things clean as possible.

Even on a street bike it's nice to have a sprocket about 1/2 the weight of steel. A clever person could build a streetable 450 probably 50 pounds lighter than stock...that goes a long way towards better performance right there.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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