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CB500... Too small??

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I'm new to this site, the scene, motorcycles in general... Ive been a car man since before i could drive... know a lot about them, built them, and now i want a vintage bike. I looove the hondas and im interested in getting one. Im 6'2 290lbs. Is a CB500 too sall? I want a 750, but i keep gettin good deals on 500's help me out..
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I don't know what this crowd thinks of scooters, but I learned more riding Vespas (but I'm not a big guy) than anything else.

Get yourself something small and light and you won't regret it. Old scooters have a low center of gravity and are light, which is nice, but have crappy brakes which isn't. The light thing is good when you trip & knock it over, or have to get used to just handling the bike at low speeds. The brakes will get you used to vintage honda brakes.

In general I've had more low-speed accidents than high-speed ones, so a small light bike is better in that way. A big CB750 is a PITA to lift when you have to.

The dirt bike suggestion is a good one. Since you always crash on dirt (or at least I do) it teaches you a lot about traction and just general bike handling.
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