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CB500... Too small??

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I'm new to this site, the scene, motorcycles in general... Ive been a car man since before i could drive... know a lot about them, built them, and now i want a vintage bike. I looove the hondas and im interested in getting one. Im 6'2 290lbs. Is a CB500 too sall? I want a 750, but i keep gettin good deals on 500's help me out..
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If you are 6.2 and 190...I recommend a DOHC CB750F made from late 79 till 82.( these were made also in 900 and 1100, same bike, almost identical, just bigger internals ).
I have a DOHC 750F 82, and I like it exactly because of tjhat fact, I like the feel of ridding a substantial bike, you will not regret it. The SOHC Hondas are cool, but you are a bit to large for that bike.
You can see my bike in my page, take the time to look at it. For some reason the pictures make it look smaller, it is a very nice bike.

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
Nobody told me that the DOHC CBF Hondas are this or that, I am talking from experience, ( it is my daily ridder )not because I own a CB750F. The CBF's ( 750, 900 and 1100 ) also have the added advantage of having what was then ( at time of production ) and
still is excelent braking power. The front and rear calipers ( front and rear disc brakes ) comefited with dual pistons. The braking power is excelent, and with your big frame, that is something to consider. I also had Kawasakies ( GPZ 550, 750 ) Yamaha Secas ( 550 , 750 ) and for a short time a Suzuki GS1100E.

I did not keep the 550's for long because I did not like how light those were, and how small. Judging from your weight and height, I recomend a Honda CB900F or CB1100F. I own one and I can attest to their power , reliability and swiftness. I would recommned any big bike for you, the Suzuki 1100E ( the one with the large round headlam, 1983) is a great bike too.
The 83 ( not 84, the model changed) Kawasaki GPZ 1100 is one bike that I always wanted, and still look for one. That is a nice powerfull bike.
You are a big guy, a 550 will not be the right bike for you. I am giving you my honest advise. My CB750F is great, I think size wise is a good choice for you, but I would go up in power, the 1100 or the 900 are basically the same bike, with bigger cc's.

Good luck, I hope you end up with the bike you like, with the power to move you around , brake power, etc to give you a great time.

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
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I'm 6ft (though not 290),...." Also remember this important truth - you're going to crash." Don't make ....
Do not worry do not have to crash, you will not crash, I never did , do not allow anyone to instill fear in you.

If you know your ridding limits, you can have plenty of good times within that parameter....falling is for dorks and daredevils looking for trouble.

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
You are right about the CB's being kind of heavy Gheeto. I would not recommend one to a newby either. In this case, though, fact being QueensHonda is 290 lbs and a tall man, in this case his body and strenght will keep the bike's weight commensurate to his characteristics.

If QueensHonda is a completely new to the motorcycle thing guy, I would recommend no cafe bars, clip ons, rearsets, niet! untill more experience is accumulated.

His weight is what makes me opt for a more powerfull bike. I remember when I was a kid, not a little kid no more, but a kid ( 15) ridding my cafe'ed Honda PC50 moped ( with pedals, although I got rid of M to make it more "motorcycle" like) I got into some trouble , on several occasions, and not due to crazy cornering, but to lack of power. you know, I was hunched on my moped with upside down handlebars a la cafe...when upon crossing a street, a car or any vehicle coming fast....and anything is fast when on a moped... I would not have the power to move away fast.....lack of power, a dangerous situation in a motorcycle.....and...from that overview I consider that QueensHonda would be fine in a heavy bike, provided it has power commensurate to his body weight....if we were dealing with a 170lbs guy , perhaps my approach would be a different one.

Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
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Not to bust your chops, but I am beginning to think that you might be some kind of California poser, especially after reading your bio.
" A cafe racer by nature, low handlebars, aerodynamic position , low drag, excelent speed and born to corner" come on and give us a break. So you would recommend that someone new to motorcycling should get a 900 or 1100cc bike and then advise them to not worry, they won't crash?
Most of the other advice has been right on. Get a smaller bike and learn how to ride.You might even want to consider something more modern to start with. Then you will have some personal experience to choose the bike that is right for you. Or get a slow handling, top heavy, overweight pig with mediocre suspension, handling and brakes with a fair amount of horsepower. All the while not worrying about crashing cause the same person that advised you to get a bike like his has advised you that you won't crash!!! Oh yeah, put some low bars on it and you can have a cafe racer too.
Sorry about the rant but I am about out of patience with self serving internet advice to the potential detriment of others. We need to get more newbies riding safely not killing them off. (OOPS, nobody probably ever got killed on a bike so don't worry about that either.) I must have learned the hate thing from JohnnyB. I'll go kick a cute little puppy now until I feel better.


Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes
I understand. We have not discussed the issue at length. I read your reply after I responded to Gheeto.

I think I expressed my believe in that response. Being a 290lbs 6'2" guy, Queensland would not be safe in a 350 or a 500. It is not just his weight, but his height, and size. He needs a seat that will accomodate him well, he needs a bike that will hold ground on the tires at cornering. He needs stopping power. I can imagine a 350 Honda at a corner, just loosing grip and falling off. I can imagine the not so confortable sitting arrangements in a small bike.
What would be a 500 bike to a 170lbs beginner guy, is a CB1100 to Queensland. The 1100 and the 900 as well as the 750 are the same sizewise.( not engine cc's but physical dimentions).

I do not advocate crazy ridding nor cafe bars/ clip ons/ rearsets....not at all. But, yes, I advocate for a bike that will commensurate to his physical needs.

Thanks for the op to exchange opinions. That is what it is all about.


Cafe racer DOHC CB750F
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