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CB550 Project Bike

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I justed picked up a '74 CB550 project bike, Looks like fun but I already have 9 bikes... Seems complete execpt for the mufflers, side covers and front fender. The motor is seized, but I will dump some BP Blaster down the clyinders tomorrow and see if that frees it up. Last on the road in 2003. Tires are shot, seat needs recover, etc. If someone will tell me how to, I will post some pics. Speedo says 7K miles. Open to an offer. Bike is in Up State NY.

Also have a couple mid 60's sport 65's, make one out of two-$200 and a 1955 Ariel Colt 200cc project, just needs minimal work $1300.
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Here are some shots of the CB550. Thanks to JoeC for hosting them.
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Bike will now kick over. I hope to charge up a battery in the next couple days and see if the starter works, pull the aircleaner and squirt some ether in the carbs and see what happens! BOOM If it fires I probably won't be able to part with it.....
Nah, it would need a front fender before you could ride it to California...........and a throttle cable.
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