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I've got a '75 cb550 that I recently got that has a whole load of issues, most electrical. I do have two main questions though.

1) The starter on the bike often tends to slip and isn't engaging consistently. I took it out and the teeth on the starter and the flywheel seem to be fine at a glance. I was wondering if the slipping was a common issue or if anybody might have any ideas on what the problem likely is. Seems to me like it should be the starter but it didn't look bad. So is there any other reason it may not not be engaging? (If it's of any importance, the wiring is shot so I've been jumping the solenoid, which is about shot itself. However, the starter seems to have a fair amount of pep).

2) I seem to have trouble getting the bike to reliably shift into first gear. It plays this game where I sometimes have to shift up past neutral in order to get it to go back down into first. Otherwise it just feels like there is nothing down there, no clicking or anything. I honestly haven't torn into the bike yet to look at this problem but any input is greatly appreciated. It's even possible that I'm not completely comfortable with working it yet but I have my doubts. I think the clutch is ok and the other gears seem to be reliable so far.

I would appreciate any input and thanks for reading
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