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On my 1969 CB450, i'm going to run some mismatched front end parts.

I have a set of trees from an unknown year CB550, maybe a CB500. Not sure.

the frame that they came off of doesn't have a vin on it so can't tell.

THe neck is the same measurements as that of my CB450k2.

So this should be completely bolt on. But i don't know what year to look for on the tapered bearings.

on ebay i've found that 74-78 cb550 all have one part number, while earlier have another.

to confuse me even more, the 68-74 CB450 have yet another part number even though the necks measure the same in bearing depth and diameter for the race.

74-78 cb550 - br29-5028
68-74 cb450 - br29-5014
all Cb500 - br29-5020

Can anyone help me out here?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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