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CB550 Transmission Prob. Bummer.

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So I installed an untested CB550 engine into my bike. I hooked the clutch cable up and made the necessary adjustments. Well I can't shift. I don't think I can seperate the clutch plates any more than I am as the adjusters are maxed out. The transmission stays locked in gear even with the clutch pulled in. What's the deal. Have any of you experienced this? Am I missing something totally obvious? Thanks for any help.
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I've had clutch plates stick together after a long period of disuse, when that happens the trans stays in gear even with the clutch lever pulled to the bar. Riding around a little bit will free them up in that case. Does the transmission shift, or is it stuck in one gear? Also, does the clutch work with the engine not running?
Best thing to do is take the clutch sidecover off, pull in the clutch, and make sure the plates are seperating from each other.
The bike with shift into neutral, 1st and 2nd without the clutch lever pulled in. If I do put it in gear the bike won't roll.
Even with the clutch pulled in? If yes, then the clutch plates are sticking together.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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