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cb550k tires

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What tires should i get for my stock cb550k. I do drive it pretty hard.
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metzler lazertechs or avon venoms. As for size it depends on how wide you can go on a 550 in the rear (120? 130?) for the front should be same as stock (100?). What is wrong with the size you have now?
I had cheng shins on my 79 cb750F. They were fairly new and on the bike when I bought it. Personally I did not have a good expirence with them. In fact I think I would have gotten better traction if I took a massive greasy shit and then wrapped it around the bare rim. At least I never had to worry about highsiding, there was never enough traction in them to throw my large ass over the other side.

the problems I had were:

1) they were out of round, not bad but the the crown of the tire was off center a little.

2)Every hard corner was like a lesson in flattrack racing. I had the rear step out on me a couple of times when I was leaned over, once even at 30 mph.

3) they were no better in the wet. They had a decent tread pattern but seemed to get worse in the wet.

I put avon venoms on that same bike and I swear I could use the bike to do a heart transplant because it carves like a scapel.

I understand not every tire is perfect and I understand I could have easily had a defective set or the PO could have super cheaped out and bought demos or leftovers but I just don't like them.

Incidently, when I was in law school, one of the cases we studied regaurding products liabilty involved a DOHC cb750, a horrendous accident in california caused by tire failure, and a set of Cheng Shin tires installed by a honda dealer. I'll see if I can look up the case when I get a moment. One more reason I stay away.
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