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cb650 cam chain with new gaskets?

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aiight, so i'm tired of the 650 marking its teritorry on the bottom of my pant legs so i ordered a gasket kit. not very familiar with bike motors, i'm an air coole vw guy (although i fucking hate that "scene" i still like the cars, but then again, i don't like any other fucker's car but mine.. ah, frustration) and besides the fact that it's air cooled, well, i'd be more comfortable taking the thing appart and changing the gaskets if the pistons were doing each other sideways instead of standing up.

anyway, how do y'all feel about changing the cam chain while i'm at it. i ask cause, well, i know it's supposed to be semi normal to hear the engine click but maybe it's too much.. i'm not sure, i don't know, that's why i'm asking.

CB650, FauxCatiFT500
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I got hooked on Beetles when I bought my (running) '73 for $100 in 1987. Drove it for 8 mos & sold it for the same when I went off to boot camp. Most fantastic car ever built, the Beetle. Also had a rust free '61 in TX. I'd love to get another, but prices have gone thru the roof. Last time I saw one for sale around here, asking price was $5k and it was nothing to write home about.
Ooooh! Pics, please.
Oh, and Super Beetles don't count. Especially Stick-O-Matics.
That body doesn't look too bad. You must be in the south somewhere. That brings back memories. It's about the same condition (but much, much less rust) as the '73 that was my only transportation for 8 mos.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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