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cb650c - First $150 takes it.

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Ok, so My boss saw me riding my cb750 one day and told me about a cb650 he had. A week later he calls me and says he needs it moved do I want it. I can't pass that up so I saved it. Now I have too many bikes and I am never going to get to it, It is a great parts bike or an ambitious project bike. The bike sat outside for 2 years.

- Turns over and has comp. Sounds strong altough I haven't put a tester on it. Last inspection sticker is from 1999.
- Brakes are sticking and both calipers need a rebuild
- Pipes are ok.
- missing the seat, airbox (has pods which have deteriorated), and sidecovers but everything else is there.
- he applied for a lost title, it should be here in two weeks, I only got the bike last week. Title will be included with the bike.
- Bike doesn't look like it was ever laid down but it did lean against a shed for a while

Email: [email protected]
(there is an underscore "_" between dean and morarity)
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