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CB750 cafe for sale

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Im getting rid of my cafe and chop I just built. They are both cb750s. the cafe is a 1973. Ive got some pics of the cafe on my photo site, which is Im asking $2500 for the cafe. Ill have pics of the chop soon. With the cafe I have a new oring chain just put on, just tuned up, new duro h-rated sport tires. The tank that is on it is not its original, the side covers are, I have the orgional tank but the latch for the cap is broke. You can have either tank, I will fix the original one if you want it( you can have either one). It also has; new valve adjusters, accell coils, a new battery, and Clean illinos title. Also a very nice excellent shape cafe seat. She never lets me down like any honda, no problems and runs great. Also I will offer free storage until spring, and/or free delivery. The free delivery however is limited. I will deliver anywhere within 40 miles of lexington ky. OR anywhere along route 64 between lexington and louisville also anywhere along I65 between Louisville and Chicago. Or pretty much anywhere in the chicago metro area. The delivery however is going to be when I am traveling that route which will be decided at a later date. If you choose to buy, we will talk about the delivery. I will get it to you within a month of buying. If you are interested you can email me at [email protected] or call me at 630-290-8649. Did I mention she is fast, and rides great. If you are interested in the chop let me know and I will get pictures up fast. I will have a description of it up and pics hopefully soon. thanks all, also If you know anyone who is looking let them know. If interested please contact me by the email or phone number provided. Thanks Ben.
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that llink dont work?
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