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cb750 fork

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do all the top clamps on 78 cb750 forks all have the risers integrated? or are their ones where you can unbolt the risers? Its gonna look really stupid if i put clip ons on

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Also my bike want beat yours at Summit but I'm gogin to pretend it does.
aaron, you shouldnt be allowed near a keyboard after 1 a.m.

i love you man.

Too many hours at the bike shop. When I take a break from what I'm doing I jump on the board to see what interesting things you have to say. I've spent the last four days at the shop preparing the Honda. Well I guess its not really preparing when your starting from scratch. Its more like building the Honda.

is it as pretty as mr bransons??

jeeze, i can imagine what that keyboard must look like. after you, don, and the rest of the grease monkeys over there use it. its no wonder why your spelling is soo bad. you probably cant read the keys!

get some sleep.

Joe............. I don't look at the keys! Maybe I should. I was just tired, I had been there too long. I finished the subfrmae for the new tail section that holds the new cam corder. Nifty stuff although I really hate spending a million hours on something that doesn't make you go faster.

quote: youre better off going through your local dealer. someone you get old stuff like that from. youre in pa right?? near phili?? go to cosmo. ask for tex. hes got a 350 and he races, and he can hook you up. that and tex is just a wildman.

Where is cosmo? got an address? or a phone number? I wanna try and get those spokes this weekend. Its the last thing I need besides those tires.

Also, how much oil is supposed to be in each leg of the 750 fork? I wanna take the sludge out and add new stuff.

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Is this it? GINO'S CYCLE SHOP 2645- East Belgrade Street Phila PA 19125 (215) 739-5847 [email protected]


-My other ride is your mom

i think thats it.

i cant remember how much oil you should have. i remember trying to find out too. i dont remember where cosmo is, but its near phili. its a pretty cool place if youve never been there.

By near philly do you mean reading? that link doesnt work for me... neeeeeeed spokkkkkes!

-My other ride is your mom

hatboro. just a little north of phili. it could be 15 miles.

stop in, ask for tex.

cool Im pretty sure I found it, thanks Joe.

Tricked Out Cycle
301 Jacksonville Rd
Hatboro PA 19040 (215) 783-7330

Im gonna go there tomorrow afternoon (Tex better be working)

-My other ride is your mom
no you jackass....its cosmopolitan motors. that is the url. i gave you the wrong one before. there is a number on the site and also the address.

also, i was looking at a tailight on a wards tonight. round, red, not flat ontop. basically a benelli 350 single.

anyway heres the cosmo addy

301 Jacksonville Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone : 215-672-9100
Fax : 215-672-9103
Yeah I found it Joe... it's in Wakefield, MA right?

I think your going to have to drive him there.

wow, a voice rfom the past. hows things going?? hope your bikes are moving along. its weird that its only a month for me from the first race. im not used to getting ready so early. i'll have to get my ass in gear.

anyway, if theres anything you need, let me know.

I am a jackass. The rims arent even the same holes

How bad is it really gonna handle with the bigger wheel? will i notice the difference on the road?

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ya gotta be more specific. did you ever make it to cosmo??

I was driving to cosmo when I realized that I never checked to see if the wheels had the same number of spokes. When I got to cosmo, I looked in the trunk and counted the spokes. WRONG!! The rims don’t match. Too many spokes in the 750 wheel, or is it too little in the 350, depends on how you look at it. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? I’m neither… I’m broke.

I can’t afford to buy the right rim, a 40 spoke 18incher. I don’t even have enough for the spokes. I was going to put them on my credit card.

-My other ride is your mom
ahhh....yep...40 hole. the 350 i thought was the same. the 305 has 36. i like the black rims. i want to do them on my race bike ive been planning. i guess that makes me an optimist. aaron thinks im an eye doctor.

rims, you dont need no stinking rims. hey, if youre going to put alum rims on a bike, you might as well build a race bike.

come know you want to. theres 2 tracks in pa. beaver run....and rausch creek, north of harrisburg...sometime it'll actually open i guess. 2 good new reasons to start racing. and hell, summit is only about 2.5 hours away from you.

My brake lever hits the bolts on the clamp of my clip-ons. I dont think I can grind the lever down... any ideas?
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