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Hello everyone,

I am a newbie here. I love caferacer style. Just bought me a 73 cb750 and This is gonna be my first project. I am wonder what's fram you guy used for this caferacer. Is it stock fram or where can i order it. Thanks in advance.

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Fill in the location in your profile.

Most cb750 cafe racers use a stock frame. The stock frame is pretty good to start and was good enough for Dick Mann to win Daytona on it in 1969.

There are plenty of aftermarket companies that made frames for the cb750 back in the day (rickman, dunstall, bimota, seely, etc) those frames are hard to find these days and usually when you find them are expensive. Dresda and a few other frame manufacturers today can make you a frame but it too will be very expensive. Your best bet is to use the stock frame since so much in the way of bodywork is made to fit the stock frame.

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with the stock fram do i need to make any change to it for caferacer? and where can i get the gas tank or any way we can make one? Thanks
Once again I am going to stress filling in your location in your profile is kind of important. If someone is local to you it is much easier to do things In real life than read messageboards. It is really for your own benefit.

As for the frame there are plenty of manufacturers out ther (airtech being one of them) that can sell you a replica CR750 roadrace tank in fiberglass (and aluminum). 90% of them need no frame modifications to fit, but will require aftermarket seats as the CR tank is very long. There are also cafe racer fiberglass seats (look on ebay) that will work with your stock hinges, tank, and rear fender.

If this were a race bike there are a few frame mods you could make to improve handeling, but for a street bike they won't be necessary.

anyway here is the SOHC resource list - this should get you started on suppliers:

This list is being constantly updated.
If you know of any more, let me know.
If any link is broken, let me know.

Handy Currency Converter for Overseas Purchasing

Heaps of Useful Info

Frank Cooper built loads of special replacement bodywork and electrical parts, here's how:

Terry in Oz sells Oil Cooler Kits on eBay:

You can buy paint from Don. Email him on::
[email protected]
He now has his own site:

Jim Spillane, SOHC/4 Member #28, sells stainless-steel philips-head and allen-head screw sets:
Email Jim at [email protected] for prices and availability.

Where can I find online parts sources for my SOHC?
Try this list. Feel welcome to drop me a line if you have further relevant links.

Specific for fours (German) (German) (German) (Aussie - thanks to cben750f1) (750/4 and KZ900/1000 basic stuff, like cables, brake parts, shocks.. general maintainance) (CR style Triple Tree) (CR style alloy tank)

Specific for 400F (Thanks Bob Wessner) (thanks pmpski_1)

Specific for CB650 (thanks to tintin)

Specific for Sandcast (thanks to Sterling2)

General (thanks pmpski_1) (mainly chopper stuff, but they sell lightened alternators, 836 kits, ported cylinder heads, etc...)

Drilling Disks (thanks pmpski_1)\cb400f_disc_template.pdf (Template for 400F)

Electronic Ignition

Electrical Connectors (thanks jonesdp) (thanks OldBiker)

Lowering Kits kit Page.htm (Shorty Shocks)

Shock Absorbers (Progressive) (Hagon)

Tapered Steering Head Bearings


Custom Swingarms (Don't bother if you've less than $500 to spend!! - thanks Geeto67)

Seat Covers (Thanks Metalhead550) (DammitDan)

Braided Brake Lines (thanks Justin_NJ)

Fairings / Bodywork (Glass from the Past - thanks to Uncle Ernie)

Manuals (Download shop manuals) (CD Manuals for sale in Canada, thanks BryanJ) (Reproduction and CD manuals from $36, thanks to Mick750F) (get a free membership , log in and go to Parts Fish. Over 200,000 exploded view diagrams - Einyodeler) (CB750F1 Parts List Complete from cben750f1) (CB750 K,K1,K2 Parts Book - thanks Clyde)

Keys (Europe) (go to More Info / NOS Keys) - Canada

Tires (Tyres) (high-end tyres at good prices - jonesdp) (cheap if you don't care about the brand - jonesdp) (reasonable prices - Bob Wessner) (TwoTired)

Chain / Sprockets (thanks to jsmbubba) (O-Ring, X-Ring, 520, 530 Answers to be found here. Thanks Ibsen) (RK Chains) (Aluminium sprockets and RK Chains) (UK)

Graphics / Decals

Recommended Paintshops (Canada - tintin)

Sidecover Emblems (German)

Carb Rebuilds and Parts (Keyster and other parts) (Carb Balancers) (Thanks TwoTired) (Yamaha Carb Dip)

Plugs & Caps (Info and cross-reference part numbers - thanks Dennis) (spark tester) (thanks TwoTired) (Thanks Hymodyne)

Voltage Regulators (thanks Motodave)

Exhausts,1,20 (Laser slip-on replacements)

Throttle Wrist-Cramp Eliminators(!) (thanks jbailey)

Make Your Own Brake Bleeder (thanks Glenn)

Fitting Air Horns (thanks gkw120649)

Big Bore Kits (Australia)
[email protected]

Hot Cams

Fairings (CR + Other Exotic)

Old License Plates (UK)

CB400F Modern Upgrades (Japanese - click on "Fours Only" then "Up" for pictures - thanks to Tim2005) (Thanks Thirdman)

Or just look here for the finished article (and drool) (UK specialists in classics) (Carpy's site) (Joe Allan from BC, Canada builds some really cool bikes...)

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Heh. I believe he copy and pasted that off the sohc4 forums. Informative nonetheless.
I did, and it is not the first time I have cut and pasted it - I also said where I stole it from in my post (so it is not like I am taking credit for it).
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