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CB750 vs. /6

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Honda vs. BMW in this music video:

Synthesizers rock.

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1. That guy is GAY. Nice tight slacks and London Fog leather jacket, douchebag. You run like a girl. God, I hate lead singers.

2. That SOHC was kinda cool.

3. I'm no uber patriot, but their treatment of/fetish with Old Glory kinda pisses me off.

4. What, are they going, like, 30 mph?

5. I don't have sound on my POS computer. How's the music? Bet its gay.

Honda go sideways!

Indeed they do, my friend. Let's not sully their good name by associating them with these nutsacks.

On a side note, did you notice about halfway through when Mr. Tight Slacks falls to his knees in some lame-ass play on Jim Morrison/Robert Plant, the camera cuts to the keyboardist giving him this "you Douchebag" look?

Honda go sideways!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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