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I love building old motorcycles and working on them i have always rode old bikes. The kids at school always make fun of what i ride. They all ride new bikes would it be posible to build a cb750 that could take a r6?
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The CB750 is would beat the R6 to the ground if you dropped them both out of a plane.

If you threw a CB750 at a Decepticon it would do more damage than an R6.

R6s are everywhere...CB750 cafe bikes are more rare...that's something.
In a vacume items of different mass fall at the same rate. In the real world masses of different Density fall at different rates due to the resistance of air.

For instance...a balloon and a pea that weigh the same, will fall at the same rate in a vacume, but at a different rate in air...due to the difference in density and aerodynamics.

I figure the extra heavy CB750 would fall faster than the lighter R6...even though the R6 is more aerodynamic. But...I guess if the R6 fell nose first it might win anyway.
African or European?


PS. Inflated with vacuum....I can do that with a shop vac attachment :)

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Geeto....I was going to say all that stuff...but I didn't want to throw a blanket on the cafe guys :)

1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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