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CB77 up for grabs, or trade for really nice CB160

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Hey Guys,
I have been lurkin around here for a while. I bought this really nice CB77 last spring for my wife to ride. I thought it would be a perfect starter. Turns out she likes our somewhat unreliable 160 better (size wise). I really want her to ride, so I figured I would try and get rid of this superhawk and find her a CB160. Anyone out there need/want a CB77. I would like to get 2600 for it.

Basically it's in great shape. The carbs probably need a cleaning, but other than that it's damn solid.

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i think o'sillyone has posted that there bike on ebay. either that or he evil twin has.

don't know link, sorry!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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