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CB77 Wanted

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I was wondering if anyone has a CB 77 they would like to sell.

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Sorry... Maybe I should have been more specific. A mid-late 60's Honda CB77/Superhawk style of bike.

Look for those badges dude!

So I checked the valve adjustment... wholly crap! I could have put my fist between the adjuster and the valve stem. Now it actually sounds like a motorcycle engine instead of a shaken box of pennies. I also tweeked the timing a bit more.

Unfortunately I didn't get back the low end power I was expecting. It is kindof a dog off the line. I really have to give it the throttle in order to start off. There are a few things I think I still need to check, carbs, plugs, etc.

Other than that minor tune-up issue it's a real nice ride. My wife has aptly named this bike "casper" (did I mention she's nutty).

I figured it out... left cylinder... no gas through the carb!
Should have checked that first... it's only a 152.5!
Thanks George!

I just ordered a l/h side footpeg rubber from ohio cycle... other than that item it's pretty complete.

If I could ping you for advice. I cannot find D8HS ngk spark plugs, and I have heard horror stories of holes in piston tops with other plugs X-ref'ed against those. Honda told me that the NGK D8HA has replaced the D8HS. Any advice on plug choice?


p.s. for aaron... fixed the 160... oil pump screen was the cuplrit!

Do you happen to have a side stand for the CB77?

1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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