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The tank has the usual scratches and is rusted inside, but is solid, I pushed on in it every where looking for soft spots and found none. It doesn't have a petcock and doesn't have the lock set up. Best offer

The seat is in good condition and the seat pan has no cracks in it. It does have a few small rips in one spot on the cover. the foam is still good too. Best offer

Here are 3 racks of carbs. They can easily make at least 2 sets of carbs. The do need to be pulled apart to be cleaned and rebuilt. The 1st one moves free but is missing 2 chock plates, the second one is pretty much complete and moves completely free. the 3rd one the throttle plates move but not freely, and the choke plates are frozen. I can sell seperately or all together (the latter being my favorite choice lol )

I took plenty of pictures of everything here, if ya need anymore let me know sale/

1980 Honda CB750
1972 Oldsmobile 442
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