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I run ads looking for bikes. Most of the bikes I get come from people who "just want it out of the garage". Some come with titles, some without. They usually do not run but after a good carb cleaning they do. If a bike makes it to ebay or craigslist, it probably will not be a great deal because many people will be trying to buy it. My trick is to get to them before they have a chance to really think about it. They read my ad and remember that they have an old bike sitting in the shed. I have bought everything from a Honda Express 50cc to a GS1100 and all in between. I usually have around 10 bikes either for sale or parting out. I keep the ones I really like if I get the cheap enough. I figure I don't "need" another bike but when will I ever come across a very nice Triumph 750 for $1500, so I kept it.

Rochester, NY
74 CB450
73 Triumph Bonnie 750
80 KZ1000 drag/street
I used to do the same when I lived in Rochester (Henrietta) funny thing about rochester is the crazy amount of bikes for a city plagued by lake effect. Also when I lived there you could still buy muscle cars cheap and there were plenty to be had. I must have passed on 4 or 5 1967 442 Olds because I thought $3000 was too much for a college student to spend on a hot rod. For some strange reason there used to be a lot of kawi triples in that city....
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