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awesome ! what do you consider the number one reason of the success ?lol bribes or sabatoge ?

joking of course but goddamit i want pictures of rider and machines
cause i have zero clue as to what yall are thrashing ,please
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do want to race a vintage bike, and not that crazy about ahrma rules and agenda...but where is the ccs schedule?
Thanks for the links Mr. Checken...I will probably still have to get license through AHRMA as they do a couple races with school nearby my home, CCS only has one race in practicle long weekend distance from me.
You can also get your license at Grattan with WERA. CCS also does race schools at Blackhawk farms. It is a bit of a drive, but it is worth it, as Blackhawk is a nice track for a beginner.
You can also get your license at Grattan with WERA. CCS also does race schools at Blackhawk farms. It is a bit of a drive, but it is worth it, as Blackhawk is a nice track for a beginner.
Sportbike track time does race license certification at their pro school events as well. I recall seeing them at several tracks in the midwest. I don't think this covers the fees to race in wera or ccs, though.
I wonder which rear end rides/tracks better? The twin shocks or the monoshock with linkage?

You guys are brave with those brakes! Scares the shit out of me just looking at them. Although I guess if everyone's running the same...
CCS does not even come close to AHRMA as far as real vintage racing. AHRMA has bigger grids and a wide variety of classes.
Go CCS to race contemporary bikes.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing working with the Barber Museum will present a new event to return some of the vintage race bikes to the track again for their members and the public to enjoy. The event will be the Inaugural Concours d’Competition Classic on June 29th hosted at the Barber Motorsports Park. To get into the Concours judging round the contestants must first have made several laps at speed on the track. The winning bikes will be judged on a combination of preservation, track performance and educational exhibits.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing has been a premier provider of racing and rider schools for over four decades. The list of national and world champions who have come up through the program is impressive. WERA’s reach to all levels, amateur as well as professional, has made them the grass roots leader and making road racing available to all with a dream.

Evelyne Clarke, CEO/Owner of WERA said, “From their earliest years in the 1970s we have always had classes available for “vintage” bikes to preserve the heritage of the sport. Of course, those “new” bikes back then now run in our vintage classes. This is a chance to get the bikes that are the history of our organization back out on the track for our current members and the public to enjoy again and see the history of this port.”

Jeff Ray, Executive Director of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum added, “One of the guiding principles Mr Barber set when founding the museum was that the bikes displayed had to be capable of running. These machines were not meant just to be static displays of engineering art, but rather were to be seen and heard as they were designed. There is a reason the galleries overlook a world class race track.”

Brian Slark, Restoration Specialist at the Museum, will serve as the Chief Judge. This event will feature the bikes that raced from the late 1950's up to 1989. Essentially any bike which is eligible to compete in any of WERA’s 250GP-500GP classes or V1-V6 could enter the Concours d.Competition. The Concours will be limited to 30 entries to provide adequate track time and safety. The event will be by invitation only. There will be a concurrent Concours d’Elegance for vintage road racing bikes up to 1989 which will be located together but these will not go out on the track. The Museum is designing and making unique trophies for the winners of both Concours. For more information on how to secure an invitation see the Forum under the 2019 Concours Thread.

Barber Trophy Design Element.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

- - - Updated - - -

Concours d’Competition FAQ

When and where will the concours be presented? The event will be part of the WERA race weekend at Barber Motorsports Park on Saturday June 29, 2019

How will the concours operate? There will be two concours run: a concours d’ competition (go class) for on track laps as well as display and a concours d’ elegance (show class) for static display. Once a participant has be accepted into the “go” classes they will also be given the opportunity to enter the “show” class.

How will the track time on for the “go” class operate? WERA will conduct the sessions and tech inspection for the “go” class as they do for the regular vintage competition classes. Riders of the concours machines must have AMA membership and license with a racing organization WERA recognizes. WERA will have the final authority over issues related to safety per their technical standards, rider licenses and everything related to the on-track portion of the event. WERA will register the participants (once accepted by museum) in its normal manner.

How much track time will the “go” class have? WERA will give the concours participants 2 fifteen minute “practice” sessions in morning and 1 six lap “racing exhibition” in early afternoon. During the exhibition each period of bikes will leave the grid as a separate wave with the oldest leaving first. Minimum number of “at speed” laps to qualify for concours will be 6.

How many entries will be accepted into the “go” class? 30. Entries will come from a field invited by the Museum and WERA.

Where will the concours area be located? WERA will provide a dedicated area of the paddock (upper most tier) for the competitors.

How will the machines be judged? The concours will be under the direction of the museum and the promoter. This includes establishing the rules, recruiting the participants and judging. Both the museum and the promoter will provide a judge. The museum members, fans and WERA members will be able to vote for their choice of winning machines. Bikes in the ”go” class will be judged on the combination of how well they performed on the track, their appearance and their exhibits in the exhibition area. Bikes in the “show” class will be judge on appearance and educational exhibits. The Museum will provide the awards and preside over the awards ceremony.

What bikes are eligible for the event? At the first event bikes would be limited those raced in the 1950s - 1980s. Any bike which is eligible to run in WERA’s classes 250GP — 500GP or V1 — V6 can apply for an invitation.

Where do I get more information? Information is posted on WERA’s website at

What is the tentative schedule?

7:00 am Registration and exhibit set up. Tech inspection by WERA.

9:15 am Qualifying session 1

10:00 am Concours area open to fans

10:45 am Qualifying session 2

1:00 pm “Racing exhibition” (and last chance to qualify)

3:30 pm Judging begins

5:00 pm Winners will to be announced and prizes awarded.

How much does it cost to enter? Entry is by invitation only. Those who are invited will not pay any entry fee.

How do I get invited? Send a request to [email protected] along with a photo of the bike you wish to enter the “go” class. If you have additional bikes you would like to enter the “show” class, include that information in your request.

What prizes will be awarded? The museum is making its own unique trophies. First, second and third will be awarded in each the “go” and “show” class. In addition, there will be one trophy awarded for best of show.
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The AHRMA event in october every year is better. 60,000 plus spectators over a 4 day event with huge grids, multiple classes and 2 days of practice (thursday, Friday).. and there is a swapmeet, and all that other crap plus a museum!!

Barber Vintage Festival...
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Everyone is jumping on the vintage bandwagon...
not really...... I personally have been racing vintage since 2002.
this caferacer thing is just strange. the people who started this site were into caferacer stuff waaay back then but we vintage racers used this site just to harass each other.

now those guys are in to racing supermoto.... its just how the world works.

if CCS was into vintage they would have a more diverse class structure.
if CCS was into vintage they would have a more diverse class structure.
I don't speak/work for CCS but I do there "vintage/classic " races.the wording has been changed to "classic" instead of "vintage"... this is only year 3. and CCS has only 7 classes ( 4 races) .and to my knowledge there are no future plans to add more classes. what they are trying (ccs) to do is give people whos bikes are a little obsolete 10-15+ years a few groups to race in. I like the way the classes are and don't think they need to add more. what I would like to see is more people get involved and race. that goes for all (CCS, ahrma, uscra, wera etc).nobody from CCS is trying to poach "vintage " racers from other groups to my knowledge. my interest in wanting these CCS classes to succeed are a little selfish if I am truthful. my "local" tracks are NJMP and Summit Point. yes everybody knows armha goes to NJMP (once) but nobody else goes to either of those 2 tracks.and I don't feel like driving all around the country, but that's just me..... what it comes down to is= if you have a older bike and don't think it is going to be competitive with the current bikes you may have a place to race. more bikes = more $$$... CCS is not trying to compete with other vintage groups for riders. CCS is trying to get more racers on the track.
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plus theres only 2 classes that matter anyway, ahrma “phillips lsland” and ccs premier gp ( for PI class bikes)
plus theres only 2 classes that matter anyway, ahrma “phillips lsland” and ccs premier gp ( for PI class bikes)
Meh... zzzzzzzzzz
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