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Oh sick, how far are you into it? Is that the Seca or the Maxim? From what I've seen online, almost no one has really explored the xj's as a cafe racer. So far I'm still rebuilding the top end cause I had to replace a few gasket seals. The big snags I've hit is the width of the frame, at least as far as the seat goes. I'm having to come up with some jury rigged mounts to fit the seat. I have some 7/8 matte black clubman bars with new grips on the way but the original bar is one inch, so I have to wrap the bar where the controlls mount, I was thinking the temporary fix would be to wrap them in rubber tubbing... I'm planing on getting new controlls anyhow. I'm cutting off the back 2-3 inches of the frame where the turn signals used to mount and mounting them in the frame supports. I have no side covers, they are totally 80's style and I want a more timeless look. I have the tank sanded down and primed ready for paint. Thinking I'll just rattle can it, got a buddy that can get automotive paint in a rattle can. I'll have some picks up soon... What about you?
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