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Centrifugal oil filters

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The spinning basket type found on small Hondas, I mean. Opinions? Improvements?

I hate the dumb ass caps on them. Never opened a case and NOT seen one with the little tabs broken off. A mild pain in the ass to remove. They're stupid and I hate them.

JB (or any other sloper dude), I noticed the sloper filter mounts a little different than the 350 filter (i.e. no circlip). Any recommended mods or changes to the filter before I button this little 160 race motor back up? By the way, I ran outta time before I could figure out how to get the clutch basket off today.

I know, check the manual...

Honda go sideways!
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Once you get used to using the 8mm bolt to remove the covers they are a breeze. I've modified just about every other part of the oiling system but I can't come up with anything for the filter. Oil goes in...spins around, comes out...not necessarily in that order even. On a hot engine I'll open up all the passages in the cases and covers that supply the filter, but I can't really see any way of improving flow in and out of the filter itself without some surgical type work with a dremel on that little steel spring loaded connector...and that's really iffy screwing with that...take too much off and it won't seal against the filter cover, leave even a tiny burr and it will leak past. I've actually thought about plugging the entire connection there and bypassing the filter....but after a few races when you see what's in there in doesn't seem like such a good idea. For the most part, with a few basic mods like opening up the oil restrictors to the top end, I've never seen any serious oiling problems with the 160-175.

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