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Changing stock speedo and tacho.

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Hi, so I'm thinking of amping up my regular 125cc road bike to cafe racer status. I was thinking of taking off the stock speedo and tacho and substitute them with a single speedo (with integrated odometer). The problem is that I'll lose the fuel gauge this way. Any advice on where I could buy a fuel gauge to go along? Or maybe a speedo with an integrated fuel gauge?

Thanks in advance :)
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Malta is an island about three feet wide, why does it matter if the fuel gauge works? A proper cycle speedometer like this exact Sigma 1609 model one works very well on motorcycles (the wired one, not the STS wireless model). Sigma Speedometer :: Aerostich/RiderWearHouse Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear . Plenty of places to buy them on the net, you go choose.
So, he asked 2 simple questions and instead you told him what you think he needs. Is that because you were unable to answer his question so you felt compelled to tout your superiority by determining that you know better than he does? What kind of person does that make you?

Now, to answer the questions. There are stand alone fuel gauges available, the real question is will they be compatible with your sender? Perhaps a better solution would be to look at other models within the line-up of your 125's manufacturer and see if there is a speedo that will fit your needs. You did not tell us what kind of 125 you have so our help must be limited until we have more, better information.
Nice try, except the Any advice was part of a complete sentence and afterthought, specifying a fuel gauge or a fuel gauge speedo combo. If you had given him advice on your favorite cake recipe it would have answered his question to the same degree. Perhaps trying to justify taking things out of context is not playing to your strengths.
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