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The must have had a field day at the dealership when they sold him those chaps. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone that wasn't a member of the village people or trying to emulate the village people wearing them. I think the chaps are like the store challenge - If the salesman can get sell them it is a sign the customer is a sucker, if he can get the guy to wear them out of the store they all get a laugh. The thing I don;t get is that the sold him the chaps, couldn't they sell him a decent helmet.

That being said guys like this keep harley in business. The guy is obviously disatisfied with his life wanted to lash out a bit and this is the first sterotype he could grab on to. This is what happens to you if you don't get laid as a teenager.

So as a lesson to all you youngsters out there...grab as much 15-16 year old ass as you can before it becomes illegal to do so.

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