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check out what ross has been up to

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i think only aarons met ross. hes our new guy at the shop.


sorry, not clickable, guess yas gotta cut and paste.[email protected]/

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Engine appeared to be chain drive to the axle/tranny. Some kind of motorcycle engine or something.
What about Man Chowder?

And yeah...150hp and 2500 lbs....that's close to 20 lbs/ 175 is better than that....with me on it.

150 hp and 1500 lbs...thats about typical 60's muscle car.

I'm betting the car weighs about 1200 lbs., that's getting into race car numbers.
So....what you are saying is that my eyeball guess of 1200 lbs was only 25 lbs off.

Yeah but I cheated....I used to guess the weight of peoples cars at the county fair.


BTW Joe, remedial math classes are still open....1225 lbs is not more than 1 hp /'s more like 1 hp / 8 lbs.

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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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