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check out what ross has been up to

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i think only aarons met ross. hes our new guy at the shop.


sorry, not clickable, guess yas gotta cut and paste.[email protected]/

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i know, gimme a sec, i cant figuer it out.

cut and paste it[email protected]/


Edited by - joe c on Jan 25 2007 09:14:13 AM
its an r1 motor. or yammie 1 litre. check the diasio site. 150hp and like 2500lbs. supposed to be awesome. he was out doing like 3 block long burnouts with it at his shop. the thing is pretty cool. ross made the bargeboards forit and the ground effects stuff. custom airbox. custom ti exhaust. lots of shit. they run it at summit and vir. ross used to build blown mustangs and shit like that. 600+hp. hes a pretty talented dude.

i dont know what the concentric thing is. i never asked him. but that big r1 obviously has a tire/wheel combo too big for a chain. so hes making it friction drive. he builds custom swing arms for yamahas and works with yamaha on development stuff. hes a pretty cool dude. he runs an r6 with wera. did his first real race this year. hes got a gsxr that hes streetfightered. no fairing. motocross bars with his own risers. all the electrics have been moved and hidden. its pretty cool i rode it around for a while one night. definitely makes you want to do nothing but wheelies.

too bad his old shop site isnt up. he had some cool shit on there. hes our contact for the dyno. he used to own it and was dynojet certified. so he knows his shit. the cool thing is he works on old bikes too.

see for the place he works. they do alot of sliders and sportbike bits. and ross is a pretty good machinist. used to work for skandia as a maachinist. (jb knows all about them im sure)

thats all i got.
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fuck, jbs catching my post total. i better get to work!

oooops. that was supposed to be 1225lbs! over a hp per lb.

clam chowder sucks.


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i fuckin hate math.

dude, if you knew the week ive had. that only begins to describe it. i dont know where i got that from. im so fucking retarded.

i was thinking about using the speeding excuse my dad gave me if i was picked up by accident today. he told me to tell the cop i lost my glasses and couldnt see 3' in front of me but my long range vision was perfect. so i cant see my speedo.

now i have to go fuck up stuff on my motorcycle.

later kids
and o yeah....not like the diasio site doesnt have it on there. like youre some kind of effin rocket surgeon. palease.

actually my guess is that the car in the pics is probably lighter with all the work hes done.

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