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check this out!

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serious pucker factor, i think this one goes to eleven!

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What the fuck was that?
Some kind of idiot newbie, never been on a bike, lets not pay attention and use the back brake sport bike club???

A couple of years ago I was riding around on the RC with my wife behind me on her SV650. I was cruising down a road looking for a friend's house. I realized a passed it...and was right at a spot to turn around. I grabbed the brake and lofted the rear wheel off the ground for about ten feet....and instantly probably wasn't very smart cause Mary's right behind me. At that instant I heard the crash and screech of her bike hitting the road and sliding past me. It would have been fine but she got on the brake hard in some stone dust and went right down.

I hate riding in always gotta think about the person behind you.
I don't appreciate that word "slow"...but I know what you mean :)

Sounds kind of assbackwards but on the street the dangers involved keep me within certain limits...and within an envelope that the bike and myself are happy with.

On the track I like pushing a bike till it breaks or I'm at my limit. I can't do that with a modern sport bike on the track and expect to live very long....I just don't have that level of skill. I figure the RS125 is about my limit on the track. I don't mind falling now and then...but I don't want to do it at 150mph. Yeah, slower speeds CAN hurt you, but often faster speeds WILL hurt you. My long term goal would be to approach your level of skill on the RS. I'd be happy with that...I'd like to be a "Turk" someday. Might happen, might not.

Street riding a nice fast modern bike will almost daily put you in ass puckering situations that make the track feel like a ride in the park....if you get used to the feeling that you might hit a tree a 100mph...then the feeling that you might run into a bit of grass in turn one becomes anti-climatic and you can maintain your composure.

Strange thing is....the skills that save your ass on the street are more often than not....developed on the track. Street riding puts my head in the right place...track riding helps me develop skills to keep my head in it's proper location on my body.

I have self control know that feeling you get that you can get around the guy in front of you no matter who he is or what's he's riding? ...The thought of Mary having to pack up the trailer and drive it home or to the hospital has been a very moderating influence on these urges.
I'm still fixing things I broke last year when I crashed trying to keep up with you in practice at freakin practice! What's wrong with me.
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Monkee.....when I say street riding....I don't mean CITY riding....nothing more dangerous. Course that's where a lot of the great English racers started...dispatch rider in Loudon. Foggarty for one.

I like the back brake fish tails that guy was doing on the wet roads :)
I've always wanted to build an SS125 replica of the CR93...course without the DOHC head...cause I think there's like 12 of those in the world right now. Pretty sure the CR93 was sold in race kit form as a club racer back in the 60's. About $12,000+ for a used one right now I think. Can't believe that guy is warming it's a Honda, just hop on and ride :)
Zack...I think the pavement is wet in that video.
It looks real shiny and he keeps getting sideways on the gas.

Which makes the whole thing that much crazier.
Who won the back brake contest at the Giro??..... Remember, I was going uphill!!!

ps post the skid!!!!

The innocent looking Giro Photo:

The real story... this thin black line is a skid mark....about half of it.

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1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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