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check this out!

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serious pucker factor, i think this one goes to eleven!

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A couple of years ago I was riding around on the RC with my wife behind me on her SV650. I was cruising down a road looking for a friend's house. I realized a passed it...and was right at a spot to turn around. I grabbed the brake and lofted the rear wheel off the ground for about ten feet....and instantly probably wasn't very smart cause Mary's right behind me. At that instant I heard the crash and screech of her bike hitting the road and sliding past me. It would have been fine but she got on the brake hard in some stone dust and went right down.

I hate riding in always gotta think about the person behind you.
I always thought it was funny that you ride fast bikes on the street and slow bikes on the track, but you truly get away with negligence on the racetrack. You get to be selfish and only worry about what you and the people in front of you are doing. A lot of times i find myself wishing i was alone on the road when i ride on the street. Riding at the track is so much easier than riding on the street, and the airfence instead of picket fence is nice too.

yea, you know i mean well with the "slow bike" comment, because it applies to the bikes i ride too. even the RS125 can hardly be called a fast bike. i would say the modern TZ250 that i rode this year is the only thing i've raced that sneaks into the category of 'fast'. fortunately there's plenty of walls and trees closeby at NHIS so you feel like you're going fast no matter what your laptimes are.

that street video is nuts. it's not so much the gary mccoy approach to red lights that scares me but the gary mccoy approach to green lights. the guy is spooling the rear up everywhere. that is some thin ice he's skating on. that pavement is garbage or that is a really powerful bike...or he's got 80 pounds of air in the rear tire. or all of the above right?

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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