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check this out!

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serious pucker factor, i think this one goes to eleven!

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That is uspposed to be somewhere in Russia or the outlying free states. It does happen here from time to time however espically at rallies where you get a few chukleheads mixed in with a few newbies. When I worked at a shop in neworleans I remember getting a few bikes back from a vespa rally out west where there was something like a 10 scooter pile up because of a stop sign. A couple of years ago on a toys for tots run a few chukleheads were messing around and caused a bike pile up.
very funny. What makes that video extra scary the few people realize is that the street is wet after having just rained. That is why it seems he is crossed up dirt track style at every traffic light and through most of the tight sections. Pretty old vid - I wonder of the squid is still alive.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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