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check this out!

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serious pucker factor, i think this one goes to eleven!

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the back brake rules. just look at all those nice skid marks.

i like the guy lying on the ground on the right side, and the guy who ends ip in the oncomming lane of traffic. im with jb


myself, another friend, and brenda godfrey rode together for about 150 miles today. she on her ex250, me on my cb550, and my buddy on his r1100. even though i missed a 50mph turnoff, we had plenty of room and i was able to let them know i was missing it and pointed it out for them to see. so patric made the corner, but brenda and i knew we had traffic behind us and knew to not to try and make it. besides, having a 220lb guy on a 500lb motorcycle behind us, even with his antilock brakes, it could have hurt. people just shouldnt ride that close together, on the road, that fast, or they deserve what they get.

still a funny picture. especially because alot of them arent wearing helmets.

jb, heres some video of our ride yesterday. yeah, i hate being limited on the streets too.

(i actually agree with all of the above points)



have you seen this?? dohc125?

the rear brake rules! i like that he passes the cop. i just loved the sound of that 125. sweet man sweet. nothing has a better sound than a twin. well, of course maybe a small 6 or a duc single.

1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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