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I figured I would post this on here incase anyone wanted to tag along.

Me and 3 or 4 guys are gonna meetup at Cobra lounge @ 2:30 this coming Sunday (10/21/07) have a few beers, and then ride out to the Windy City Rollers event in Alsip. It is actually a nice ride, as we have done this a few times over this past summer. And if you have never seen flat track roller derby in person you NEED to check it out. Nothing better than attractive/tattooed women wearing fishnets beating the hell outta each other while you drink an overpriced beer !

If anyone wants to go (open invite), be at Cobra lounge around 2:30 -3pm...We are gonna depart from the bar at 4pm SHARP !
Cobra is located at 235 N. Ashland in the big city (Chicago)..

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