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Chinese GP

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i was checking out some of the qualifying numbers at, some interesting stuff. Capirossi's top speed was 205.4mph, that is some pretty serious shit. John Hopkins qualified two tenths of a second behind Capirossi and his Suzuki was 11 miles an hour slower on top speed. respect.
also, Rossi qualified 6th, 1.1 seconds behind Gibernau. ruh roh.

2pm tomorrow on ASSCAR, i mean, SPEED channel.

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i mean i guess it was an okay time to make fun of me. i did my math wrong, fair enough. apparently tact is overrated. i do wonder if i could even tell the difference between 205mph and 213mph.
supposed to be a wet race apparently. finding that brake marker in the rain at that speed will be fun. yikes.

excellent contribution as usual.

if you're like me and thought the lean angles in the wet looked rediculous, then you'll like this. photo gallery from if you click on the 250 race and look and the 2nd and 3rd pictures down in the 2nd column. some pretty serious lean in full wet conditions.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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