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Chinese GP

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i was checking out some of the qualifying numbers at, some interesting stuff. Capirossi's top speed was 205.4mph, that is some pretty serious shit. John Hopkins qualified two tenths of a second behind Capirossi and his Suzuki was 11 miles an hour slower on top speed. respect.
also, Rossi qualified 6th, 1.1 seconds behind Gibernau. ruh roh.

2pm tomorrow on ASSCAR, i mean, SPEED channel.

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With the rain I was hoping to see Sete make Rossi work for it..but damn that kid is just awesome. It's like Eddie VanHalen... ripping and smiling the whole time, barely ever looks like he's struggling. I was psyched to see John Hopkins do so well coming out of the kitty liter.

J "not that" D
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