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Chinese GP

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i was checking out some of the qualifying numbers at, some interesting stuff. Capirossi's top speed was 205.4mph, that is some pretty serious shit. John Hopkins qualified two tenths of a second behind Capirossi and his Suzuki was 11 miles an hour slower on top speed. respect.
also, Rossi qualified 6th, 1.1 seconds behind Gibernau. ruh roh.

2pm tomorrow on ASSCAR, i mean, SPEED channel.

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MotoGP Top Speeds From Qualifying:

1. Carlos CHECA, Ducati, 213.078 mph
2. Loris CAPIROSSI, Ducati, 212.767 mph

As you all know speed is not the only factor. I would say rider ability makes up most of the equation!!! Don't rule Rossi out.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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