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ok finally got the old gold "chupathingy" on the road for a few laps around the development. it ran like a champ! pulls good, has a little jump once in a while which could be related to the poorly paved roads, but.... after accelerating to any varying degree i will inevitably decelerate and eventually pull in the clutch to come to a complete stop. after a little time in the seat the engine wants to stall. first thing i did was adjust the idle air mix and get the revs up at idle. worked for a few miles but alas she wanted to stall out again. maybe the idle air is fine and the coming down from throttle needs a moment to re-adjust??? well let me know your input. maybe i need to coast along a little further than i am now (worked on the old cb from my youth which stalled almost immediately after pulling in clutch)

03 rsv Tuono custom
81 cb750f (stolen)
75 cl360 (cafe /guinea pig)
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