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Seems there are several CB/CL175 projects out there...

Heres mine. It is being built for one purpose and pretty ain't it. I run an endurance race and comfort and range are the two foremost attributes. Thanks to site member Chip I have doubled the range of this little sucker. The tank you see is a 78 CX500 Honda tank. The rearsets are from and the tail is one I made. I made 3 total and will conside selling them if anyone were interested [not the reason for this post though].

Since Range is important and speed is desired I had a nice long chat with Jeff over a Nology about coils. He didn't have anything for me but I mention this as a plug. He and everyone I spoke with over there is knowledgeable and friendly. If you want info they are the guys to talk to. Does anyone know of an aftermarket coil/ wire setup that will improve fuel efficency and reduce cylender washing of excess fuel? Affordability is important to me as well.

Hope you enjoy the pics and if there are any questions don't be shy. I've gotten a ton of useful information and would love to reciprocate.

Kev aka nixoid

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