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CL350 help

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well being new to the cafe world, I would like some advice. I am having issues with my newly purchased cl. the last time it was ridden was sept. of 05, and I just got it to run just recently. my leg is still tired from kicking it to go. this may seem like a dum question but did the 72 cl's have electric start? am i just blind and didn't see the starter? the button on the throttle is worn out so there is no labels on it. My battery was near dead, and would not charge very well. I am going to replace it. but when I hit the button all it did was click. so I am sure that my battery was too weak to turn the starter. I don't think the starter is dead if that is what it is. also the 72 CL has a 6 volt system right? where can I get a replacement headlight, or upgrade it to something brighter. I am not sure on where to start, I have so much to do and not alot of time.

just ride it.
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your bike is a 12 volt system. The starter is the button on the right control right where your thumb would go. Get a battery and try and start in that way.

As long as your headlight works leave it the fuck alone. Honda charging systems are inadiquate at best and putting in an aftermarket headlight will only drain your battery and make your bike kickstart only. Most hondas don't start positive charging until after 2000 rpm. I run a halogen in my cb750 and my battery won't tun the starter on a good day, I've actually run the battery down riding at low speed to the point where the bike stalled and has to be bump started.

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the turn signal bulb is just a standard automotive bulb, the same one they use in cars and bikes (I think it is 1157 but don't quote me on it - take yours to match up). Motorcycle headlights are standard by size, meaning you shop for them by the diameter of the headlight. Some honda's used smaller headlights than others and some of those smaller headlights may not be available. Try the honda dealer first for a headlight and if he doesn't have one at least he can tell you more info about it. Running on high beams on a stock honda can also drain the battery, just not as quick as a halogen. good luck.
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