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Hey guys,

Ok, so I bought a 72 CL350 a while back. Actually, I bought two. One is my daily driver to school/work and back and the other is going to be my project cafe racer. I am not going to race it but I want a nice bike to tote around town.

I have somewhat of an idea for the bike. I want to swap the front end off a cb500 (free from a friend) so I can have disk brakes. I am going to do the clip-ons and large headlight (any better solutions on a brighter light?). I would like to fab up a new top bracket so I can clean it up and make a mount for a tach. I think a cx500 tank would look nice and I haven't found a seat yet. I heard that a 929 rearset fits the passenger foot peg bracket nicely. Up to this point I think I have under control but here are a few questions I am not too sure about:

1) I would like an electronic ignition. Simple, and somewhat cheap.
-Is it worth it?
-I am removing the starter
-I was looking at bore-tech and they look ok. Plus, I can hook up an electric tach to it.

2) Steering dampers..... what kind and where do I get them.

3) any suggestions will help. I got more questions but I will post them later. Its 4:40 in the morning and I should head to bed.


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bore techs the best

buy a dyna

use a tach from any of the v-4's magna, sabre, or vf750. they go to different numbers, the sabre goes the highest though i think, not that you need it. a top clamp can be tough to make, unless you knw whats up. talk to buff at he probably has clamps instock for 35mm tubes. sounds like youre going the right direction.

have fun with it.


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welcome and the 350's are a hoot. i just started racing mine last year and they're a fun-ass bike.

the coolest thing about cafes is that everyone comes up with different solutions. like the headlight, when i need to test my track bike on the street between races, i slap a pair of driving lights from the local/universal auto store to my number plate bracket and it has the look of a little speed triple and the light is good at night.

as to the ignition, i've gone with boretech, but i got the cheap kit without the tach hookups or the ignition curve. on the street you may want to go with the $$$ kit that comes with an ajustable ignition below 3Krpm which will also prevent any kickback on starting which will eventually set your kickstart to grinding. there are other e-ignitions out there too that may be better or cheaper or allow you to run without a battery if you were racing...PVL, Dyna, etc. but the boretech is pretty much a well designed no brainer bolt on which suits my wrenching skills.

lots of options on steering dampers, the 350s have a mounting hole in the lower triple tree that will work perfectly. i'm using a Daytona damper from Shindy with a fork bracket on the frame downtube. again, cheaper and older tech than what you could spend...others here will mention tricker parts.

as for seats and bodywork, matt tanner is on this board and fabs a lot of nice stuff for these bikes. my seat is just an aluminum plank with a pad bungeed on and a piece of tin folded over for a number plate, but matt makes some nice bump stop seats, tanks and fairings. also, look around for SL350 tanks, they look better on a racey bike.

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