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cl360 gp shifting

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I have a quick question. I am contemplating
taking my shifter and turning it backwards
and using the passenger pegs as makeshift rearsets.

I haven't taken the shifter cover off or anything
yet... I wanted to ask what kind of process was involved
in this before I started on it.
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I don't know what i am going to do with the rear brake.
i am going to try turn it around, if not...
well, i haven't really had time to go out and
see where it could go.
i am halfway tempted to leave it off, but i
drove around and didn't use it just as an experiment...
and though little of your stopping comes from the rear brake,
it is still quite useful.

I don't have another bike, so that isn't a problem.
I think i could get used to the shifting rather easily.
and lending my bike... last time i did that my dumbass friend
laid it down and had to buy me a bunch of new parts. so
i made him lend me his cb750 (his only bike) until the parts
came in and i fixed it. so... i think i won't be lending
my bike out again.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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