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Hey fellas!
Again, I've searched the forum for this one and with all of the logical answers aside, I have still found no answers.

The throttle has been sticking when I have come to redlights stop signs etc, like if I am down shifting the thing will stick up around 4000 and never recover. So I'll sit at the redlight in neutral at 4000 and crank my idle screw until the rpms decrease then I quickly roll the idle screw back up so the bike wont stall. Sound familiar to anyone?

I thought it was a carb problem. I rebuilt my carbs, haven't tuned them together but they are at factory spec. This was happening before I rebuilt the carbs when the carbs were tuned. It didn't fix my problem. The only thing I can logically think of is that there is an air leak somewhere near the intake or on the carb. That would only make sense. However, I have started the bike, sprayed carb cleaner around the seals on the carb to see if anything got sucked in, (airleak) nothing happened. So I am quite puzzled!

Any tips out there?
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