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Classic Superbikes to race at Sonoma

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Sorry if this is a repost...

MotoAmerica: Classic Superbikes To Race During Event August 10-12 At Sonoma Raceway

Wayne Rainey is going to put on a show...

I wish I could watch.
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Me Likey...
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I've got a trashed CB1100F in my garage that someday I'd like to turn into a racebike...

or a Sanctuary Honda
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Looks like Dale Quarterly won it. The bikes were pretty slow compared to the jr cup bikes.
I raced with Dale back in the late 70's with WERA at IRP. He was pretty fun to hang out at the hotel bar with as he was a Pro racer and it was only my first or second year. He was nice to me and I didn't know anything at the time. At IRP the road course used the drag strip as the front straight with a hairpin leading onto it, so you had to accelerate hard. Quarterly was racing a Kaw 1000 and spun the alternator off the end of the crank and out through the sidecover and it went rolling down the straight and bounced off the guardrail.
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Quarterly was posting qualifying times and was fastest there, so I'm not surprised he won.

He was our Grand Marshall the the USCRA FIM Vintage Championship Race on June 9-10.

Very nice guy.
I hope they post the race up on YouTube.
Bein sports tv has been putting the motoamerica races up for free. So cool.
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