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I am getting rid of some stuff. I posted it all on Craigslist since thats the easiest way to get pictures up for everyone since I am retarded when it comes to websites, FTP, etc.

296164763 $15 Honda Brake perch/switch assembly
296163510 $15 Honda taillight
296162121 $20 SR500 K&N air filter
296161187 $125 Lectron Carb, 36mm
296158253 $100 Tomaselli Clip ons-36mm
296157186 $100 Akront Rim, 2.15 x 18, 36 hole, shouldered, "B"
296155168 $100 Akront Rim 2.15 x 18, 36 hole, shouldered, "A"

Prices negotiable for Caferacer people, unless you are Aaron, then its 10% extra.

Also have MOUNTAINS of CB77 parts to get rid of. Engines, shocks, wiring, cables, wheels, forks, but NO mufflers or headers or Fenders. Email me your needs.

I am VERY bad at checking the forum-like never-so email me if you are interested in anything. [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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