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Clever Dog Racing Expands

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New member of Clever Dog Racing has been hired.

Name: Jet
Age: 6 weeks
Sex: Male
Attitude: Bad (good)


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you are one sick puppy. get it, puppy, thread is about a dog and i called you sick and puppy.....bahahahahahahahahah!

all your jets are mine!


p.s.- aaron, send me joe's wheel. fuckers make fun of Mary's man hands and she'll choke the shit right out of you with them.

A detail of a portion of another pic....note the Rolex and the Rock...that's how you keep a woman happy...among other things....for you relationship newbies. Note she has two race bikes...I have one. Note that I push start her bike for her.

I'm tellin ya....mention her hands and she'll wrap one of them all the way around your neck and tear out your windpipe.

Edited by - jbranson on Mar 19 2007 11:00:38 PM
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You're a good man, Branson. Wise in the ways of women, I see.

Better hope she doesn't read this forum or its you that's gettin' choked fer sure.

Honda go sideways!
I already blamed this shit right on you guys...I told here I could feel the "man hands" comments about to start so I warned you ahead of time.
By the way.... sometimes when vice grips won't do the trick I have her remove rusted bolts with her fingers.
rusted? i thought she used her hands to tighten all the bolts.


aaron, send my wheel.
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I haven't had her hand calibrated yet.

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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