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From the F160 chat group

"Spoken from a guy who has tried the AHRMA GP200 class with a 160, I have to agree with Chris. The Yamaha CT175 and Bultacos are just too damm fast for us to compete on an even playing field in GP200. They make something like 35 horses to our (maybe 15). Sure is fun going around them in the first couple of turns though, until we hit the first long straight away where they disappear for good.

I hear that there is some guy, however, riding a very modified CB175 back east and doing quite well for himself. Only problem is that you wouldn't have any fun in the F160 racing which is what we all do it for. Other solution... Build two bikes, one stock F160 and the other, a monster bike!

Have fun,

Mike P. #167R
California Contingent
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