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Golly, What a bunch of egocentric fucktards!! ( I just wanted to use fucktard again too. plus I got to use a big word like egocentric) Yoe need to use what works for you on your particular bike for your particular application. I don't have clip-ons on my race bike because of the rules, bad shoulders and better leverage with a superbike bar. I have drag bars on one street 350 project cause they make the bar, peg, seat relationship right for me. In addition, they look good in this particular application. I have used clip ons on both race and street bikes again when I need too. Personally I like the stock clip ons that came on Honda Interceptors and the CBR Hurricane because they have some rise to them and I can actually mount them below the top triple clamp and have the grips at whatever height I want either above or below the triple clamp.
Now back to Timber's original question, Use whatever is going to work out best for you. One of the old tricks is to sit on your bike with your feet on the pegs, close your eyes and put your hands where it feels good. Then open your eyes and see what bend of bar would put your hands in that position. It might give you a better place to start.
Some beemers came with a nice low bend bar that was cool like the R90s.

PS. Clubman bars are gay unless they work for you. Then Geeto is gay.

Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes
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