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clubmans or clip ons

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i have a bmw that i am building into a cafe. i have just about stripped it down as far as i can go. i am at the point where i need to deciede do i go with clip ons or clubmans. the clubmans are cheaper! the clip ons are adjustable to a point. so which ones do you like? which ones should i use?
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The above photo looks right to me. Thats my vote.
There have been a number of BMWs road raced over the years. A blown BMW won the 1939 Isle of Man TT. But they seemed to have created a "sedate tourer" image that has permeated our pschye to the point that I, for one, can't picture a BMW cafe racer.

The bike in the background is a good example of gettig the air off you smoothly. I'm not 100% certain but I believe its a 750 Triumph.

Aaron send his wheel
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I'm rapidly approaching the toothless wobbly phase of life but I love clip ons. Some years ago I had an SRX with the clip ons mounted above the top triple tree and hated them. I put them here they belonged and felt a lot better for doing it. I was still comfortable and they didn't hit the tank. As Geeto67 says explore all options before you choose.
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