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They always say that when you gain one thing you lose another or the other way around. If coils that have less ohms charge faster, than why not run 1.5 instead of 3.5? I'm just curious, I have to run a different coil. I found out that the coil I've been running is not the 3.5 that was on the box but 4.8. The reason why I ask is cause I have a 2.8 but don't know a lot about coils to know if that's a good idea or a bad idea.

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you want the lowest resistance you can use to accomplish burning the gas for the time period desired. anything more is probably a waste or inefficient. the lower the number, the less resistance so the more draw on the battery. the higher the number, or resistance, the less draw on the battery. that equates to how much (primary/battery??) voltage youre using. lower number, the battery gets used more. there is a formula you could use to calculate, with measurements, exactly what you need im sure. based on rpm, elapsed time, etc... so that way you could get exactly what you need, then leave room for a bit. the other important thing i remember about it is induction ratings. and i remember thats a big part of the eqation. how it all works, i cant exactly remember. im going to see ron today, he'll know exactly what's up with it all. it seems like youd be able to work it all out wiht those basics though. my question is, why not pvl???


i should also add, that i think you want to use the lowest resistance becasue it provides the best spark.

but thats if the coils are the same. primary resistance and secondary resistance can change too right?? also, things like plug wires and coil induction make a difference no?? i asked, but he was no help. unless he can take everything and set it up and personallt test each piece, he cant tell me anything. lower resistance does mean a higher voltage spark though. but you do sacrifice battery life.

good luck

i know that inductance has something to do with it and henrys. i read up on all of this a long long time ago but only remember bits and pieces. depending on how its wound depends on henrys output or something like that. so more important than ohms, is how the coil is wound. and i think thats what ron was getting at. anyway, apparently if you want a better answer, you'll need to provide more specifics. and im agreeing with jb here.

im geeked out for the night

yeah, id buy yellow or red. its guaranteed to work.

eh, even though aaron asks a question and it sets off a 6 page diatribe, i think its still worth while. i dont take anything anyone tells me as gospel. its great to have a few opinions to make your own decision. im sure just saying to buy a yellow or red one made him cringe. probably because he knows thats what id really do. id like to hear what other people think on most of this. i like seeing opposing opinions that are presented in a non confrontational way. i''ll let mark and marcus have the confrontations. and, i'll have a cinnamon scone with that.

we kicked around nelson and decided to save for nhis. id love to do cmp, but i dont think its in the budget for this month. (i hate paying car insurance!) especially the week before nhis. i'll probably do nhis, summit, and vir for the rest of the year. its probably going to kill me as far as points go for not showing at cmp, but i just dont think i can do it. have you ever been there aaron??? i hear it sucks as a drive. typical s.c. highways.

so, buy the yellow one wasnt a good enough answer??? we need more to go on than just the info you gave.

blah blah blah....

that was just for you.

so aaron finally puts together a honda thats actually reliable, and then starts bragging about it. wow. too bad he couldnt do that with the bsa. byatch!

i may only be 5' tall, but thats 5' of tattoos.

jesus, people who dont know me are going to seriously wonder!

i wouldnt hang with those pansies if.....

maryland is pagan country. (people against goodness and niceness i seem to recall a movie saying) they were founded here.

also, i feel the need to defend myself on the comments about not seeing the inside of my engine. first, if you would have ever let mike ride one of your bikes, youd know thats not true. second, if i had been racing a brit bike, i would have pulled it apart every race weekend also. the fact that i havent checked my timing in 3 years however does NOT mean i dont know what the crank shaft looks like. and that reminds me, the only time my bike ran poorly was when you rode it, mr poopy pants. and that was 2x in one weekend. also, coils are on the outside of the engine last time i checked. and, i kind of like to compare it all to driving in reverse, in the wrong lane, in england.

i really did build my own motor, really.

did you know mike found that motor he has, put it in, changed the oil, fired it up and raced it?? he never checked anything. not the valves, the timing, nothing. nutcase.

mr negativity.
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dude, youre mean. that was funny.

hey, i just tried calling you, pick up your phone if youre still around, i have a really important questions to ask you.


or never mind.....

that, and i was one of the first, and i really do have alot to say. thats why aaron wont answer my calls.

dont worry about it aaron, i was actually calling you to ask if you wanted to ride the endurance race with mike and i. but i saw that you guys are going to ride something. i've asked chris again and if he doesnt come up maybe tom t will. im looking forward to running around in 200/250/350gp. that grid is going to be insane. there will probably be 40 or more bikes out there. the fast guys comming through up to the 350's on 200's and 250's. it should be alot of fun.

your bike should be a little rockethip when youre done. and i really think it should be pretty reliable.

john, have you gotten a copy of faster yet??
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