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ContiClassicAttack actual dimensions

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I am building a cafe racer with a combination fork brace/fender mount/caliper hanger. I need to know tire dimensions/clearances to complete this part of the project, but don't want to actually purchase the tires until the project is closer to completion, so the tires are fresh. (I've been "working" on this bike for nigh on 30 years, and it might be a couple more years before it's actually ready for tires.) Since no tire company other than Avon seems to publish actual measurements of their tires, I was hoping someone here could take a couple of measurements for me. The bike has an 18 x 2.15 Sun rim on the front. At this point, I am considering the 90/90 R 18 ContiClassicAttack and the Michelin 100/90-18 Pilot Activ. If anyone out there has either of these tires and can measure the actual overall diameter and width, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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I ran into issues on the Dyno with the previous rear wheel setup I had on my Z1... at high speeds the tire diameter would increase and it would rub on the swingarm... wild stuff
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