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cool bike

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dave from australia just ordered a tshirt and sent pics of his bike. it's a modern bike so I didn't put it on the site but it's still a cool bike. I've never heard of one before. dave says they're popular in australia and europe but were never sold in the US.

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I'm gonna stay away from you two from now on. Everytime you get together now all you do is go back to talkin computer trash.

It was better when you two didn't know each other so well. Then it was all cycle stuff.

Just jesting. Last time a tthe track you two were discussing the benefits of parallel 286 multiquarked bit processing with scuzzis driving the ram perambulator. Ugh. Whatever happened to the Kneuter valve?

Just missed a shift on the 175 today and it ran past 12K on the scitsu. unvelievable.

Yes, imslow=scott.

And along those same lines, I am no where near going fast enough on the 200 to warrant getting any high end head work done by MRich. I'd love to blow a grand on a head, but I'll only do it after I can get through corners fast enough to need it.

Since I've never bent a valve, what's the first symptom? The bike won't run?

I learned my lesson years ago when I was playing tennis with a guy who knew how to play. He had one of those old wood rackets, I was playing with sommthing like a Prince big head. He beat the crap out of me standing still. It's all about technique and skill-not power. So i am putting in my time on the track. One thing I learned from (Joe?) the old ironworker was to start looking much farther ahead on the track than I have been. When going around turn 3, looking up at the flag instead of that dirt on the left after the tires end. And looking up at the hill again when entering the bowl insttead of looking at the apex of the bowl. I don't know if it made me any faster when i did it, but it certainly made riding more comfortable.


PS. anyone know if they are definitely doing sound checks at Loudon next weekend? JohnnyB, you might be doing tech--let us know!
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Mythic Tale

From my experience it’s not when you’re down & out, necessarily, & I know

a lot about that, it’s more when you’re liable to be on the verge of success that

they’ll jettison your name face serial number. Watch out. You’re loveable losing.

Make some strides, win a prize, write something wondrous, or worse, of worth, &

hell, the social landscape gets denuded. If you’re lucky, one friend by the end, said

Thoreau, who must have known as much about that as he did a bean row, or the

Micmac mythic tale that moose was whale once.
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I need to know who is "250 GP champ"! ! ! !

ok, ok, 250 gp champ is either roper, turkington, or . . . . there are several winners of the gp in the results!!
If it's Strempher, Hey, how come I can't get an answer from anyone about exhausted Notes advertising????

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